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Backups FAQ

Sucuri Backups is a service that we are offering to allow you to backup your site remotely via FTP or SFTP. Here are some FAQ regarding this service.

Q: I have changed my FTP password and now backups are failing.

Answer: Just update your FTP password in your backups dashboard under settings.

Q: How do I restore backups?

Answer: You can see all your site’s backups on your dashboard.

Simply click on the backup you want and it will be downloaded to your computer. For file backups, unzip it and using an FTP client (e.g. FileZilla), upload the content from the unzipped folder to your website root directory (e.g. public_html/).

For database backups, using phpMyAdmin from your hosting control panel, go to Import, choose the database backup file (no unzip needed) and Go.

After that, your site should be fully restored.

Q: Is there a limit size to the backups?

Answer: We have a file size limit of ~38MB per file. Usually website files do not exceed this limit. We also don’t back up files with the following extensions:

  • *.sql
  • *.zip
  • *.attach
  • *.thumb
  • *.avi
  • *.mp3
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