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Backups Setup

To configure your backups:

  1. After you purchase the service, just go to Website Backups in the Sucuri dashboard.

Screenshot navigation

  1. Click Add Site

Screenshot Add Site

  1. Adding FTP information: Here, you will add the FTP login information. Once entered, click “Next“.

Screenshot FTP information

  1. Database Backup Settings: Next, you have the option to backup your database.

Screenshot database backup settings

  1. Backup Frequency/Notifications let’s you choose your backup frequencies and the notifications you’d like to receive. When you have made your selections, click “Save“.

Screenshot backup frequence/notifications

Now your backups are ready to go! In most cases, backups are done within a few hours (large sites can take considerably longer). If, after these steps, you are still unsure of what to do, please reach out to support.

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