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How do I find my FTP information?

In order for us to clean your site, we need FTP or SSH access to your hosting account. By providing this, we are able to evaluate and scan every file in your site. This information can be found in cPanel or in your hosting company’s dashboard. Since...

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Sucuri Firewall Troubleshooting Guide

If you’re having trouble with our Website Application Firewall (WAF), don’t worry. It’s optimized for all types of websites, including those on a CMS or built with custom code. Proceed through the steps below and if you still have trouble, don’t...

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Facebook Unable to Get Page Details

When you post a link on Facebook, the URL will be acessed by Facebook bot in order to get the details of that page or article. Sucuri Firewall won’t block good bots such as Google, Bing, Facebook, etc., by default, but there are special...

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Brute Force

Brute force attacks occur when a bad actor attempts a large amount of combinations on a target. These attacks frequently involve multiple attempts on account passwords with the hopes that one of them will be valid. It’s a bit like trying all of the...

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There are many ways to secure your site and reduce your risk of being compromised. We used to alert only on the signs of compromise (like malware, SPAM, defacement, blacklisting, etc), but we started to give recommendations on Sitecheck that can...

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Outdated cPanel Outdated Warnings Software Outdated Warnings Hardening Cookies: HttpOnly Disable Directory Listing Disable Server Banners HTTP Trace Method Security Headers – X-Content-Type: nosniff Security Headers – X-Frame-Options Security...

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Website Firewall

You made the right choice by trying out our Sucuri Firewall on your website. The Sucuri Firewall is a cloud-based protective layer, very easy to enable and does not require any changes or anything installed on your server. With a simple DNS change...

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“Failed – Network Error” when Downloading Files Backend Timeout Message Bypassing the WAF for Testing Comments/XMLRPC Blocked Domain Not Configured Facebook Unable to Get Page Details Fixing PrestaShop Session Cache Issue FTP/SFTP/SSH, Mail...

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Brotli Support

Cache Exceptions

Caching Options

Clearing Cache

Developer Mode

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Testing the WAF Before Changing the DNS

To make sure the WAF is working as expected before changing the DNS records for real, you can configure your operating system to use the Sucuri WAF IP address when accessing your website. To do that, you just need to edit the host file on your...

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