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How do I open a general support ticket?

How do I open a Billing support ticket?

To engage with our Billing team, please submit a ticket via your Support dashboard

You will find the option in the navigation panel on the left hand side of the screen (as you stare at the screen). It is located in the same location as illustrated in the image below:


Click on “Support Home”

This will take you to the Support Home dashboard. Click on the Green "+" sign, and select New Support Ticket.


You will then select the Account or Billing Issues option in the drop down. Please be sure to enter a descriptive Subjection and details section to ensure we assist you as quickly as possible.


When you’re done, click the Submit Request button, and the ticket will go to the Account Administration team for processing.

How do I open an existingn Billing support ticket?

All billing support tickets will be found in your Product Support menu option. Any responses from the team will be highlighted in green as depicted in the image below:


Select the ticket you are interested in to engage with the team.

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