Block User-Agents

A good way to block unwanted visitors to your site is by blocking specific user-agents. By blocking their User Agents, you will stop any traffic that contains the specified name in the user agent field.

A “user agent” is a software agent that is acting on behalf of a user. The format of the user-agent string in HTTP is a list of product tokens (keywords) with optional comments. For example, if a user’s product were called “WikiBrowser”, their user agent string might be “WikiBrowser/0.1 Gecko/1.0. The most important product component is listed first.

How to Block User Agents

  1. Click here, go to the appropriate firewalls Access Control section and go to the Block User Agents settings from the left menu.


  1. Add the user agent you would like to block and then click on Block.

That’s it!

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