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Monitoring FAQ

Here are some FAQ and our explanations regarding our Monitoring:

Why did my site get infected if I have your service?

Our regular plans offer malware remediation, meaning we will alert you if we detect anything malicious on your site and we will clean it up as soon as you submit a request. After our clean ups reinfections should not happen but they can happen if our ‘after-cleanup-steps’ are not followed, such as changing passwords and updating outdated software.

My site got infected and I didn’t receive any alerts.

This shouldn’t happen. Please check your spam box and if there is really nothing there please open a ticket in our system and we’ll check this out.

Got a 500 internal server error warning but it was cleared right after.

These are usually caused by temporary hosting errors. Nothing to worry about. If they are happening too frequently, please get in touch with your host to see what is going on.

Is the Sucuri Firewall part of the monitoring options?

Since February 2014 the Sucuri Firewall comes included with all Sucuri AntiVirus plans. The firewall needs to be manually enabled for protection to start working. You can do this using the WAF Website Firewall section in your dashboard. Visit our knowledgebase section on WAF or submit a General Support Request to our firewall team if you need assistance configuring the firewall.

If you have any other questions just open a ticket in our system.

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