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SSL Change Notifications

What is SSL?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a certificate on the website that allows for the safe passage of encrypted information from the client to the host server. If your site uses an SSL certificate, it is important to know the status of the certificate to keep your site visitor’s information secure. This is particularly important for e-commerce sites.

Sucuri SSL Monitoring

It’s rare that your SSL certificate will change. You will be alerted to any changes via email. To view the change details, check the Reporting Section of the dashboard for the site by clicking on the Current or Changes buttons.

Monitor Reporting

It’s important to understand our SSL scanner can only detect changes but not why they occurred. You can check your certificate details here.

Reasons your SSL certificate might change

You will receive an SSL alert when you change or renew your certificate. If you have unexpected SSL certificate changes, we suggest you contact your SSL provider.

If you are still not sure what do, please feel free to open a support ticket with the Sucuri team.

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