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Adding a Trust Seal to WordPress

Let the world know your site is secure by enabling your Sucuri Trust Seal! The seal of trust is provided by Sucuri’s Website AntiVirus product. The monitoring service offers your visitors peace of mind that your website is not infected. This article will show you how to add the Sucuri Trust Seal to the footer of a WordPress site.

The first step is to enable the trust seal for your site. In your monitor dashboard, go to Settings -> Trust Seals and tick “Enable Trust Seals.” Please note, if you disable the trust seal and re-enable it, the code will be regenerated, and you will need to update the snippet on your site.

Enable the trust seal

Next choose the color scheme for your seal; light or dark. Then, pick the style or desired position in the dropdown menu and click “Generate Code.”

Generate Trust Seal Code

Select the code snippet and copy it to your clipboard.

Now you’re ready to add the code to your website. After logging in to your WordPress dashboard, go to Appearances -> Widgets. The theme enabled on this site includes support for footer widgets. We’ll add the trust seal there. If you don’t have a widget area for your desired trust seal placement and you aren’t sure how to add it, you might need to get some help from your web designer.


Click and drag a text box into the footer widget.

Footer Widget Text Box

Now, paste the code snippet inside the text box editor and click “Save.”

Save the code

That’s it! Remember to clear your cache if you’re using the firewall and go check out your new trust seal.

Website Seal

If you click on the seal, you’ll see security information for your site.

Seal Security Information

Not every website will be just like this one. If you have issues adding the trust seal code to your site, your web designer can help you. Unfortunately, adding (or removing) trust seals is outside our scope of services. But, if you have any questions, we’ll do our best to help.

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