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Understanding our reports

After we’re done cleaning your site, your ticket will be updated and you will receive an email with our clean up report.

Here’s a quick example of what you will probably see:

CLEARED: Cleared malware from file: ./directory/infected.php. Details: php.backdoor.eval_POST.001

Means that the file named “infected”, with extension “.php” that was inside of the folder called “directory” was cleaned. The type of infection was “php.backdoor.eval_POST.001”. You can check out our full malware encyclopedia here: http://kb.sucuri.net/malware

CLEARED: Cleared malware (manual review): ./hacked.php

This means that we detected a new type of infection on file named “hacked” with extension “.php” . Because it’s a new type of malware, we still didn’t have a signature for it and it was cleaned manually.

OK: Removing backdoor from images directory: ./folder/.back.php

We found a backdoor named “.back” inside of the directory “folder” and we removed it.

OK: Hardened directory: (./images)

Means we added an .htaccess file to that directory so that .php files cannot be executed.

Warning: Found outdated WordPress inside: ./ - Version: 3.2.0 (from ./wp-includes-old/version.php)- Please update asap.

Your CMS is outdated and needs to be updated ASAP. Outdated software is one of the leading causes of site infections and reinfections.

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