How to get my FTP?

In order for us to clean your site, we need FTP or SSH access to your hosting account.

By providing this, we are able to evaluate and scan every file in your site. This information can be found in cPanel or in your hosting company’s dashboard. Since each hosting company has their own setups for FTP access, we’ve put together a little guide on how to find your FTP credentials in some of the most common hosting companies.


To find your FTP information, click the link below that matches your hosting type:

You can determine your hosting type by the second word in the description beneath your hosting account’s domain name.


  1. Log in to your Bluehost account and click on FTP accounts,

  2. Enter a Login username and a password.

  3. Choose the directory you’d like to give FTP access to. This should be ./public_html.

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You should have received an email from them when you signed up giving you the FTP credentials for your site. If you don’t have it anymore, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Dreamhost cPanel,

  2. Click on Users and then on manage users,

  3. Click on Edit and you can change your password there.

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Media Temple

  1. Log in to your Media Temple account,

  2. Click on Server Guide,

  3. There you will see your FTP details. You can also change your password here as well.

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You can use your cPanel account username and password to log in via FTP. If it doesn’t work, check out another option on how to create an FTP username and password here.

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